Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2015 and the start of another Fair Season!

As you know, I am located in Warwickshire, in the heart of  England and I intent to carry on in 2015 where we left off at the end of last year!  I want to bring you a fascinating range of antiques toys with some unusual collectables thrown in, when they catch my fancy.  Most of the items from The Attic are unique, and you’ll find that my passion is for antique and collectable toys – especially tinplate, but I must say that space toys and robots are increasing becoming a favourite too.

I’ve updated the site for 2015 with some important changes to make it easier for you to see what stock I have and enquire about specific items.  The catalogue is now listed in Featured and in stock order and under the detail of each item you can very easily make an enquiry about an items details or pricing.

I always want to make it easier for you to find what you want, so if you have any ideas as to improvements or specific items you would like to see please just ask, drop me an email.

You can also subscribe to my newsletter and get an update of what my most recent purchases have been and here be notified of shows and fairs I’ll be at.

Here’s my latest schedule for February:

  • NEC Toy Fair – February 8th
  • Sandown Park Racecourse Toy Fair: Saturday 14th February Details Link

    See you soon and don’t forget to sign-up for my updates below.


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